The Fayette County Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that solely supports the Fayette County Public School System.

The Foundation has been part of the Fayette community for 14 years. It was established in 2000 by community members, the Fayette County Public School System and the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce to promote enhanced learning opportunities for students and staff.

The Foundation awarded its first funds in the spring of 2001 in the form of teacher mini-grants for innovative classroom projects that support the curriculum of the Fayette County Public School System.

As the Foundation grew, an educator scholarship for paraprofessionals earning their degrees in education was added. Additionally, the Foundation served as the catalyst for several businesses and individuals who wanted to give specific scholarships to students.

As school system needs have changed, the Foundation has changed to meet those needs, but the main focus is still to enhance learning opportunities for students and staff. Starting Fall 2015, grants will be offered to teachers who are incorporting STEM (Science, Technolgy, Engineering, Math) initiatives into their classroom activities. Many of our schools are working toward being state STEM certified schools.

Additionally, the Foundation oversees the school system's Partners in Education (PIE) program, as well as supports other academic groups within the school system by managing their donations, and dispersing funds when needed. These groups include CARE (Children at Risk in Education), Fayette County Robotics Program, and Fayette County Teacher of the Year  program.

    Foundation Board Members:

    Judy Chambers, Chairman, retired Fayette County teacher 

    Angie Meredith, Secretary, retired Fayette County teacher

    Melinda Berry-Dreisbach, Treasurer, FCBOE public information specialist

    Carlotta Ungaro, Fayette County Chamber of Commerce President

    Tony Ferguson, Georgia Power                                                  

    Mark Henderson, FCBOE math coordinator                         

    Rick Lindsey, Attorney  

    Mike Maxwell, Retired Fayette County educator and administrator

    Marion Key, Chairman of the Fayette County Board of Education

    Cindy Hartpence, Fayette County teacher

    Kay Franklin, Communnity member