• Supporting Our Schools!

    Click on the link below to watch a video from one of our grant recipients.



    As a school district, we value the community's generous donations of time, materials, and funding to enhance the educational opportunities for all students.

    Thank you for investing in our school system, and providing opportunities for our students and staff to take learning to higher levels than otherwise possible. Your donation as a partner in education not only helps to improve public education in our community, but it is also an investment in Fayette’s future. Great schools, engaged citizens, and a well-­‐educated workforce are integral components of a viable community; your support of our public schools helps our county sustain its viability.

    Our annual partner drive starts in August and runs through September, but you can choose to become a partner at any time during the school year. Partners joining the program after the drive will be entitled to the same recognitions commensurate with their donation level.

    PIE funds will be distributed to schools in October. Partners signing on from October forward will have their donations dispersed promptly after receipt.

    An annual report will be made to all partners at the end of the school year showing the total amount collected through the PIE program, and how the funds were allocated throughout the school system. Various events and programs that are made possible by partner donations will be highlighted as well.



  • Partnership Recognition Chart

    Incentives for partners at varying donation levels.